"In the beginning was the Word."

Communication is the universal principle of our existence. Everything in the universe communicates - animals, plants, atoms. Even quanta, the smallest elementary particles of the universe discovered so far, communicate with each other - independently from time and space, as latest scientific research suggests.

The principle of communication works just fine for the rest of the universe; yet, for mankind, it quite doesn't seem to be as easy as that. Throughout history, a huge number of military conflicts arose from misunderstandings and communication problems.

After all, most misunderstandings do not result from a lack of language skills, but from cultural peculiarities. Every culture is governed by its own rules. Therefore, if people from different cultures meet, it may happen that they misunderstand each other, which can be disastrous for negotiations.


Communication between peoples is often similar to a real minefield.  Scientists refer to this as "cross-cultural communication". There are people who devote themselves to bringing others securely to the other side. 

I am one of them.

Being a certified conference interpreter and author of the book Mentalität im Film* (Mentality in the Movie, Verlag Dr. Kovac, ISBN: 978-3-8300-3063-8), I know how to successfully manage intercultural challenges.

*supported by acclaimed designer and artist Saskia Ketz.

I am your reliable partner for your language projects.

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